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Advanced Google Tag Manager with 15+ Practical Use Cases

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Module-01: Understanding Google Tag Manager

  • What is Google Tag Manager & How it works?
  • Why need Google Tag Manager?
  • Difference between Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics
  • Account Structure of Google Tag Manager
  • Components of Google Tag Manager (Tags, Triggers & Variables)
  • Introduction to GTM Built-in and User Defined Variables
  • How to Install Google Tag Manager on a Website?
  • Introduction to Data Layer  in GTM for Dynamic Parameters

Module-02: Google Ads Tracking via GTM

  • Google Ads Conversion with purchase value tracking
  • Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Website
  • Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Mobile site
  • Setup Google Ads Remarketing tag

Module-03: Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager

  • Install Google Analytics 4 with Tag Manager
  • Ecommerce tracking in GA4 with Tag Manager
  • Button Clicks Tracking with Tag Manager
  • Form Submission tracking with Tag Manager
  • Contact form 7 tracking with Tag Manager
  • Phone no clicks tracking with Tag Manager

Module-04: Facebook Pixel Tracking via GTM

  • Integrate Facebook base Pixel with website
  • Facebook Standard Events tracking
  • Facebook Custom events tracking

Module-05: Other Channel Tracking

  • Setup LinkedIn Marketing tag
  • Setup Twitter Marketing tag
  • Setup Pinterest Marketing tag
  • Setup Hotjar tag

Module-06: Earning Scopes with Google Tag Manager Skills

  • How to Prepare & Create Fiverr GIG for selling GTM Services


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